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EpubSystems Production Studio

We Create:

• ePub3 creative books
• Mobile Apps
• KIDS eBooks
• eCommerce & Cloud Services
• Web Applications
• Interactive Multimedia Content
• Product Demos and Prototypes

The production studio is in charge of all the eBook productions tasks required by our customer.
Reflowable eBook? Fixed-Layout? Audio layer syncing? Full interactive or a new innovative eBook format? – No task is too small nor big for our team.

While producing eBooks and supporting numerous other producers in the task of creating clean, ePub3 valid eBooks – we constantly works with our clients to strategically enhance the reading application and to push the boundaries of ePub3 format – creating rich and sophisticated reading environment.

The production team is made out of our best innovative developers, which just LOVE to produce eBooks and to constantly search and develop smart and new technologies.

Fixed Layout Exporter

Real fonts on Fixed-Layout ePub3? Auto export from .PSD? Interactivity support on iBooks?
Fixed Layout Exporter is ready to make your work a lot easier and way better!

Click to watch introduction video.

The Fixed Layout Exporter was developed out of necessity: to simplify the transformation of paper images books to the Fixed-Layout ePub format.
We saw too many eBooks with crazy high-resolution images that were barely rendered on any eReading platform. Too many bad positioning of images. Bad CSS and total mess that was exported from “Indesign”. Heavy and not efficient JavaScript code, wrong FXL definition and a lot more.

From the understanding that most old fashion books designers still feel comfortable working with tools like Photoshop – we created the Fixed Layout Exporter which export any well designed layered Photoshop scene of images and Text – directly into a Fixed-Layout page, perfectly positioned on any screen size, ready to integrate into your ePube book.

And there is more: with Fixed Layout Exporter you will be able to add interactivity and create beautiful Fixed Layout scenes without knowing javascript! watch the video for quick introduction.

  • Soon available for free download!
  • Stay tuned

Fixed Layout Exporter key features:
Work on Gimp – a free open-source graphical editor which support Photoshop layered .PSD files.
Cost effective – less than 0.2$ per scene
Free for fair-use in demo mode (download available soon)
Reduce images size automatically
Perfectly position of the images in the scene on any orientation or resolution
Real text and fonts. No more pixel text images
Interactivity with fast clean javascript
fully validated ePub3, iBook supported pages

KIDS book creator

Is it Flash? Is it a movie? Is it Native book app?
No! Its our KIDS eBook Creator that produce outstanding valid standard ePub3!
Let us amaze you!

Our production studio team took ePub3 to the extreme.
We didn’t like the fact that every production of interactive book that required more-then-average complexity of animation and interactivity – result in a decision to create a separate native application, with all the effort and cost involved, or by compromising on the requirements in order to keep the project in the cost and effort limits.
So what we did? We created the KIDS eBook creator! This ‘State-of-the-art’ visual animation studio enable us to deliver to our customers a native app abilities – packed into a valid ePub3 Fixed-Layout eBook!
We just LOVE our KIDS format! now we can truly say that the only limit is the imagination, not the ePub3 standard.
No more costly native apps development and long project life cycle. No more unsupported eBook formats that you can’t distribute anywhere.
We will deliver a validated ePub3 Fixed-Layout eBook – ready to deliver and viewed on any supported ePub3 eReader.

KIDS format sample

These two pages sample (in Hebrew language) – showcasing only fraction of the KIDS format abilities. Slide, Animations, Sounds, Interaction and Flexible layout. you name it – we create it.
Go ahead and ring the bell, click the text to play the voice-over, pop bubbles on page 2, find the beetle and enjoy the story.
And if you are still asking – so again – YES! it is all packed and run in a valid ePub3 format eBook!!!

Games eBooks

Using our KIDS eBook Creator enable us to push the conventions of ePub3 out of the box. Now we can use ePub3 native abilities to create and deliver interactive games, quiz, puzzles and much more. stay tuned as soon we will release some great samples directly to our eReading apps.

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