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eReading Platform

Our professional reading app, for Android and iOS, is a top-notch application, encapsulating our latest epub3 rendering engine.
Our platform evolve constantly and supports ePub2 / ePub3 standard, Fixed-Layout ePub3, Audio eBooks and our own ePub3 KIDS® books.Read More »

Cloud Manager

eBooks Content Management System which handle all the distributing activities on the cloud. Books, Users, PLR for institutes and libraries, Sample books, DRM, Promotions and publisher live catalog, all being managed via your favorite web browser interface.Read More »

Real DRM

Not only a “Social” DRM or any other “trust-me-I’m-nice” DRM.  We provide real encryption for eBook that require it. Protected eBooks can be accessed and opened only by our dedicated eReading platform, like SifriApp. DRM-free eBooks are freely available even via any other OPDS supported application.Read More »

ePublishing solutions

With years of experience in Project management and software development worldwide, our team brings innovative solutions to the E-publishing world, tailored to our customers needs, for any market size.
Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and services.Let us comply your requirements with smart and cost effective technological solutions.

E-commerce Integration

Our CloudManager provides a set of easy to use API calls which can be integrated in any web shopping platform. Linking books to readers or creating new accounts is a super easy task. Plugins for WooCommerce and Magento are available.Read More »

Production Studio

Our team of editors, technical designers and ninja-developers are experts in their field and will produce any required professional Epub3. Need interactivity? Fixed layout? Audio sync eBook or JavaScript?  no task is too small nor big for us.
Want to produce eBooks in-house? Our production tools can get you started with a blaze.Read More »

Business Models

With our solid eReading platform and CloudManager, we can provide various solutions tailored to your publishing and distributing needs – from a DIY free plan to a full “White-Label” suite. in-App purchase, external eCommerce or our new innovative Public Lending Right features – the options are yours to choose.Read More »

Featured Clients

GETBOOKS online Ebooks shop
Professional online book store and years of internet marketing experience made GetBooks in its first year of appearance to be one of the main players in the Israeli digital books market.

Mendelei Digital EBooks
One of the first Ebook publishers in Israel, Leading the digital books revolution since 2010 with thousands of titles and publishing agreements with all major publishers.

E-Reading platform

Utilizing our EsEngine SDK, we were the first to provide a professional reading experience to RTL users (Hebrew & Arabic), with multilingual interface, full Epub3 support, ability to open local files, supporting DRM for books, providing academic features, push notifications and much more.

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