Digital Rights Managment

You can sell DRM protected book starting today. Our simple eDRM solution enable you to start selling DRM books from your own website without any external system installation or integration.

You will authorize access for the books, we will take it from there.

No DRM server, no expensive licensing, No reading applications.
(1) Open an account and upload your books to our CloudManager.
(2) Receive an API access to your webshop platform
(3) Direct your customer to use SifriApp or your White-Label eReader

In fact, using our eDRM solution – you do not even have to save or manage the books files on your servers. You focus on selling – we will deliver, protect and provide the reading application for your customers. Using our SifriApp readers or your White-Label apps, your customers will access their DRM books from any device, using their simple email-password combination.


Our services are flexible to fit all customers needs. Check our business models.

DRM any content

With our eDRM you can protect any format supported for delivery to the reading application – PDF files, free-flow and Fixed-Layout ePub books, KIDS interactive books or any custom eReading books you will want to support on your white-label app.
eBooks that you will choose NOT to DRM – will be accessible to your customers via any password-protected private-library OPDS supported eReaders.


Our In-App Encryption algorithm is uniquely encrypt the content on the user device to enable strong Digital Rights Management (DRM) against piracy and illegal distribution.
Other DRM solutions encrypt books at the server and decrypt the content on the customer device – which enable any root device a free access to the content.
Our eDRM protect your content on ANY end-user device and firmly protect your eBooks against piracy


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