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eReading Platform

Based on our EsEngine framework, SifriApp is our eReading baseline application on which our customer’s White-Label applications are built. Available on both IOS and Android platforms.

Our eReading apps offering a professional reading experience, with multilingual interface, Epub3 and Epub2 support, RTL and Audio layer support, ability to open local DRM-free files, download eDRM protected books from private cloud library and much more.
Integrated with our CloudManager system – we offer and deliver full and flexible ePublishing solutions for our clients.

  • Cloud Library

    Free private cloud library from which users can download books they purchased.

  • sifriDRM

    Multi layer DRM for selected books, encrypted per device for offline protection. Social DRM for free books is also available via web interface download.

  • Shopping

    In-App purchases or External shopping architecture which save you 30% more royalties for every sale

  • Multilingual

    Multilingual interface with full RTL layout and page progression support

  • Bookmarks

    Unlimited bookmarks. with optional multi device online synchronization.

  • files import

    Open a local none-drm Ebooks. Scan and import private books folders

  • EPUB3

    Epub3 specification support for reflowable and fixed-layout books. including table, side-notes (epub2), aside notes, media layer and javascript!

  • Simple ID

    Without complicated authentication processed and drm-ID, we use the email address to identify users.

  • PDF support

    PDF view and re-flow with full DRM protection.

  • OPDS

    external OPDS interface for publishing catalogs to other reading apps

  • Audio books

    Support Epub3 audio-books and media layer sync.

  • Push notification

    In-App push notification for improve marketing and promotional exposure. support call-to-action abilities.

  • Free books

    Free books access from open opds catalogs on the internet

  • Offline reading

    Books stored locally on user device, providing offline books reading, for both free and DRM protected books.

  • Reading position

    Reading position auto save & restore. with optional online synchronization among multi devices.

  • PLR

    Our most advanced Public Landing Rights system provides ability to land books upon subscription with numerous landing limitations.

  • Notes & Highlights

    Featuring color highlights to selected text and ability to add unlimited personal side-notes.

  • Samples books

    Every book in the catalog can be linked to a sample book that can be download for free, for readers attraction or to support external sale

EsEngine EPUB3 SDK

Developing or designing your own reading application?
EsEngine EPUB3 SDK can be easily integrated into a reading application to open and render any compatible eBook you wish to support.
  • Soon available
  • For Android & iOS

Cordova based ePub3 SDK

Public Lending Right (PLR)

Searching for a real working solution for PLR? search no more. our application framework, combined with the CloudManager system – provides a working solution for most PLR real world needs. Time limit, Download count and set of numerous conditions – enable our clients to have monthly subscription or any landing programs they can wish for. Read more >>

KIDS® stories

KIDS books are interactive fully validated epub3 fixed layout eBooks, created using our own Kids-Creator tool. KIDS books featuring full wide screen, movie-like experience, including audio and video support, javascript interactivity, drag-and-drop, game engine and many other unique features.Read more >>

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