EpubSystems is a solution driven company which assists publishers and book vendors to make an easy and smooth transition into the EPUB era.
With more than a decade of development experience worldwide, our team brings innovative solutions to the Epublishing world, tailoring them to each customer market, of various sizes and needs.
Our early days with the SifriApp project, an app designed to provide a professional, free, multilingual and open Epub3 reading experience, quickly evolved into much wider solution capabilities, including DRM and a back-office cloud management system.

We achieved our initial goal of providing the first professional free RTL supported reader for Hebrew and Arabic readers.
We are now in our quest to provide simple, easy and affordable DRM and management abilities, while keeping apps open and free.
We encourage you to check what we can do for you and see how you can easily start your Epublication path with us.
The world is changing, lets make it better. Come grow with us!

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