Trying to find your plots using the Greek Topographic Diagrams?

We will convert your topographic diagrams into accurate Google Maps!

Send us your EGSA87 topographic diagram.
Get back an accurate Google-Map!

Within 24h!

Limited time offer: 19.90€

Place an order to get your map in your device and see it live!
just 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Attach the PDF file you got from your engineer/topographer - to your order.

You can also send it as a picture! Just make sure the coordinates data table is sharp and clear.

Step 2

Within 24 hours - you will receive from us by email a KML (Google Map) file, which will represent the exact Geo-location data from your Greek Topographic diagram.

Step 3

There are several ways you can view your map file,
we recommend opening it with "Google Earth" App!

After first load of your new map - it will be stored under "projects" tab.