SifriDRM & Gray-Label*

Your Shop, Our Gray-Label* Ereader, Your Sell Power.


$800 /month

Your Ebook web store, our SifriApp DRM supported reader. The best match.

Your In-reader catalog, sifriDRM protection, web store integration and Gray-Label* SifriApp reader.

  • Gray Label: Our own unique featured capability. From the moment you make your first book purchase from your web shop, SifriApp will display your catalog exclusively, as your own white label reader app and until the user chooses to unlock the feature from their app settings
  • Mobile Catalog shopping: The Mobile store allows you to sell your Ebooks from within SifriApp
  • Web Store: Your web store allows for out-of-app purchasing
  • Sample Ebooks and “Add to Wish-List”:Our solution supports sample Ebooks downloading and add-to-wishlist functionality, to enable out-of-app purchasing and minimize in-app purchasing
  • Out-of-App Purchases: Your readers can purchase Ebooks from your existing or third-party website and access it within SifriApp by logging in with their details into their free private library
  • Optional In-App Purchases: Sell Ebooks via the Apple Appstore or Android Google Play from within your own catalog in SifriApp. We handle all the sales and payments (5% fee for in-app purchases only).
  • Free OPDS Catalog Access: Your online catalog is published publicly and can be accessed by any OPDS supported Ebook app
  • Promotional Abilities:Use cloud manager promotion services to promote a book, offer deals, free samples or to push notifications
  • Sales Reports: Receive a detailed weekly report of how your store is doing, including sales and downloads figures
  • Customer Management: Access to your customer database which includes contact details and product data
Reading Solutions
  • SifriApp Mobile Reader: Allows content to be read, viewed and played on mobile devices. Always free and without advertisements.
  • Cloud Library: Free private user cloud libraries provide the ability to sync books into the device using email and passwords, keeping even your unprotected books safer than before.
  • SifriDRM Protection: We provide the digital rights management to your selected content
  • Free OPDS client access: Your customers can access their private cloud library from any other OPDS supported reader app. Your protected books in their library will be accessed from SifriApp only.
  • Free Online Books: Users have access to various online free sources for public books like Gutenberg
  • Upload Auto Analyzing: New content is uploaded to our cloud manager and analyzed automatically, ready to be displayed in your in-app catalog
  • Web Store API: Your online web shop integrates seamlessly with our cloud manager server to control purchases and manage user libraries
  • Users and Library Importing: The initial integration of your existing readers and purchased books will be made by our integration teams
  • Cloud Manager: Upload your content, manage your catalog, DRM and users easily with our user-friendly online Cloud Manager
  • Epub3 full support All Epub3 supported features include fixed layout, interactive and books which play associated audio at the turn of the page on interactive Ebooks
  • Foreign Language Support: We provide right to left (RTL) reading, multi-character sets and Chinese support