Shop Interface


Our Cloud Manager provides a set of easy to use API calls which can be implemented on any web shopping platform. Linking books to readers or creating new accounts is a super easy task. Plugins for WooCommerce and PrestaShop are available.

Cloud Manager


The Cloud Manager is an Epub Content Managment System which handle all the publishing activities on the cloud. Books, Users, Libraries, Samples, DRM, Promotions and publisher live catalog, all being managed via web interface.

Real DRM


Not a “Social” DRM or any other “trust-me-I’m-nice” DRM.  We provide real protection for books that need it.Protected Books can be accessed and opened only by our dedicated App framework, like SifriApp. All other books are freely available even via any other OPDS supported application.

Advanced Epub reader


Our free-professional reader app, for Android and soon for iOS, is a top-notch application, encapsulating latest epub3 rendering engine. our SifriApp and myEpubApp along with it, evolve constantly to make sure it will always support the still updating Epub definitions, including text-reading and interactive fixed layout ebooks.




Epub Solutions


With our App solid platform (SifriApp) and our Cloud Manager, we can provide various solutions tailored to your publishing needs. from “start publishing today” plan, to a full all white-label suite.

Ebooks Production


Our team of editors and technical designers will take any book format and make sure to produce a valid and accurate Epub3 edition for it. Need interactivity? Fixed layout, SVG or javascript?  no task is too big for us.

Software Consultant


With years of experience in software design, product management and system development, we can offer you all our knowledge and vision to find the right and easy solution to push your company forward with latest technological developments.

Systems Integration


Flexibility is the main feature of our systems. both our App framework and the Content Server are able to rapidly adapt to external systems according to client’s need.